Solihull Sole Sanctuary Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialised type of massage that is used to aid the flow of lymph when the lymphatic system has been compromised by lifestyle, illness or surgery. 
The lymphatic system runs alongside the circulatory system throughout the body like a slow running river. It's function is to remove toxins as part of the immune system.  
If our system becomes overloaded with toxins through poor diet or lack of exercise, or it is impacted by illness or surgery we may notice a build up of fluid (oedema) in the affected area. Fluid retention can become painful and interfere with movement. 
If the lymph nodes become damaged lymphodema may occur causing whole limbs to become solid with fluid. This can be caused by underlying health conditions so medical asssessment should be sought to ascertain cause. 
Most cases of oedema or lymphodema should benefit from manual lymphatic drainage to naturally stimulate the flow of lymph. Thus releasing excess fluid and toxins to provide relief of pain and improve movement.  
Manual lymphatic drainage is appropriate and, in lots of cases, recommended therapy for post-operative patients and can also be administered safely alongside treatment for cancer. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is used to aid the flow of lymph when the lymphatic system has been compromised by lifestyle, illness, treatment or surgery.  

Encourage the immune system to cleanse toxins 
Relieve oedema and lymphodema 
Stimulate blood supply and circulation 
Encourages lymph flow before and after surgery to aid recovery 
Used during and after cancer care and following lymph node removal 
May help those with underlying health conditions that cause fluid retention 
Reduce swelling to help those with mobility issues 
Supports weight loss surgery by stimulating the lymph flow to reduce fluid retention and aid recovery 
Reduce post pregnancy fluid retention  

What to expect during your treatment 

Treatments are carried out in a quiet room on a massage bed for maximum relaxation. Organic oils are applied to the skin and treatment is administered to the affected part of the body. The pressure is purposefully light and slow with movements made in the direction of the heart. A glass of water and a blanket are provided for your comfort. Session times vary dependent upon the number of areas requiring treatment. The duration of a full body manual lymphatic drainage treatment is 3 hours whereas treatment of both legs will take 1.5 hours. You will need to allow additional time for your initial session in order to complete a health questionnaire. 


Reflexology, reiki, massage and manual lymphatic drainage are alternative holistic therapies that complement other alternative therapies and western medicine. A number of these therapies are recognised and used by the NHS for pain management, fertility and maternity services, whilst also used in palliative care settings, and known for aiding relaxation. A number of clients report examples of the benefits they have derived from the therapeutic effects of treatment particularly when traditional methods have not worked or have proven difficult to access. To help you make an informed choice regarding how the treatments may help you please follow the links on my website to the articles and research papers contained there. Thank you. 
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