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Anxiety, stress, depression & insomnia 

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented significant challenges to the mental health and physical wellbeing of many across the globe. This came at a time when the world was already facing a mental health crisis. Long periods of lockdown have caused separation and as humans we depend on contact with other human beings. With Covid-19 restrictions slowly lifting we are starting to see the affects on the youngest of our society and through every age group thereafter. 
Prolonged periods of anxiety, stress and depression can affect the body in various ways. These emotional states can cause physical illness and insomnia. Whilst these conditions can also arise as a result of other illnesses the effect they have on the body can be significant. Stress and anxiety deplete the body over time causing the adrenal glands to become exhausted from managing the fight or flight defence mode that constant stress provokes. Adrenal fatigue can have a devastating impact on overall health. 
Sleep deprivation interferes with the body's natural body clock causing stress to the Pineal gland and Hypothalamus that control sleep. When the body gets out of balance it can cause other health issues. Reflexology helps the body to relax through the stimulation of reflexes to help release the build up of energy allowing tension to be released and the body to restore its natural balance. Stress related illnesses can cause issues for sufferers that affect their personal and professional lives. Absenteeism from work is increasingly found to be stress related. 
The articles below highlight the growing concern stress related absenteeism has for businesses and the importance of tackling the stigma attached to these illnesses to help sufferers cope with the demands of daily life. European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has reported that over half of the 550 million working days lost annually from absenteeism “are stress related”. 
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